Important Note: Our animals for sale are available to see in our shop in central Cardiff. Tarantulas can be ordered with next day delivery for which the postage and packing charge is £10. This is only available when weather conditions are suitable.

Animals can only be purchased by those 18 or older. We reserve the right to refuse an online sale and offer a refund if we do not believe you are over 18 years old or do not believe that you have the correct setup for the animal.

If you have any questions about the exact animal(s) for sale then the quickest way is to visit us in store 7 days a week, drop us a Facebook message, or we can be emailed or phoned on 02920 190291.

If you would like a photo or updated size before traveling or ordering then please contact us above and we will try to get one for you. Some species are very difficult to photograph, such as very small spiderlings, or spiders that burrow.

Invertebrates are assumed unsexed unless stated.


Juveniles and Adults

Acanthoscurria geniculataBrazilian Giant White Knee3cm£20
Aphonopelma seemaniStripe Knee10cm£50
Brachypelma hamoriiMexican Red Knee4cm£35
Brachypelma hamoriiMexican Red Knee5-6cm£45
Brachypelma boehmeiMexican Fire Leg5cm£50
Ceratogyrus marshalliStraight Horned Baboon8-12cm£35
Chilobrachys sp. ‘Kaeng Krachan’
Dark Earth Tiger13cm£50
Lasiodora parahybana
Salmon Pink10cm£10
Lasiodora parahybanaSalmon Pink15-18cm£70
Poecilotheria tigrinawesseliTiger Ornamental15cm£50 or
£80 with setup
Psalmopeus irminiaVenezuelan Sun Tiger4cm£15
Psalmopeus pulcherPanama Blonde10-11cm£40
Tliltocatl albopilosusCurly Hair6-8cm£20
Tliltocatl vagansMexican Red Rump4-5cm£20
Tliltocatl vagansMexican Red Rump6-7cm£30
Neoholothele inceiTrinidad Olive4cm£12
Nhandu chromatus
Brazilian Red and White8cm£40


Brachypelma albicepsGolden Red Rump1cm£10
Chilobrachys dyscolusAsian Smokey Earth Tiger1cm£7
Grammostola pulchraBrazilian Black2-3cm£35
Hapalopus sp. ‘Colombia’Colombian Pumpkin1-2cm£12 or
2 for £20
Pelinobius muticusKing Baboon2-3cm£20
Psalmopeus irminiaVenezuelan Sun Tiger2-3cm£10
Pterinochilus chordatusKilimanjaro Mustard Baboon1-2cm£10
Tliltocatl albopilosusCurly Hair1cm£5
Tliltocatl albopilosusCurly Hair2cm£6


Heterometrus spAsian Forest Scorpion6-8cm£10

Praying Mantids

Hierodula membranaceaAsian Giant MantisL4£16
Odontodactylus scyllarusPeacock MantisL4£16


Archispirostreptus gigasAfrican Giant MillipedeAdult£18 or
£30 for 2


Achatina fulicaGiant African Land Snails2-3cm£2


Gromphadorhina portentosaMadagascan Hissing CockroachSub Adult£2

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