Important Note: Our animals for sale are available to see in our shop in central Cardiff. Tarantulas can be ordered with next day delivery for which the postage and packing charge is £10. This is only available when weather conditions are suitable.

Animals can only be purchased by those 18 or older. We reserve the right to refuse an online sale and offer a refund if we do not believe you are over 18 years old or do not believe that you have the correct setup for the animal.

This list is a list of tarantulas that we frequently stock. It is not a current stock list as we are constantly getting new shipments of inverts in and availability can change on a day to day basis. We can also order in species on request. If you have any questions about the exact animal(s) for sale then the quickest way is to visit us in store 7 days a week, drop us a Facebook message, or we can be emailed or phoned on 02920 190291. Thank you!

Tarantulas that we stock (depending on availability, please call for confirmation)

Acanthoscurria geniculataBrazilian Giant White Knee
Aphonopelma seemaniStripe Knee
Brachypelma albicepsGolden Red Rump
Brachypelma auratumMexican Flame Knee
Brachypelma boehmeiMexican Fire Leg
Brachypelma hamoriiMexican Red Knee
Brachypelma smithiMexican Giant Red Knee
Brachypelma vagansRed Rump
Cyriopagopus albostriatusThailand Zebra Leg
Ceratogyrus darlingiRear Horned Baboon
Ceratogyrus sanderiNamibia Horned Baboon
Chilobrachys huahiniAsian Fawn
Chilobrachy sp ‘Electric Blue’Electric Blue Earth Tiger
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescensGreen Bottle Blue
Cyriopagopus minaxThai Black Tarantula
Davus pentalorisGuatemalan Tiger Rump
Grammostola pulchraBrazilian Black
Grammostola pulchripesChaco Golden Knee
Grammostola roseaRed Chile Rose
Haploclastus devamathaLSD Earth Tiger
Heteroscodra maculataTogo Starburst
Heterothese gabonensisGabon Blue Dwarf Baboon
Idiothele miraBlue Foot Baboon
Lasiodorides polycuspulatusPeruvian Blonde
Lasiodora parahybanaSalmon Pink
Psalmopeus pulcherPanama Blonde
Neoholothele inceiTrinidad Olive
Nhandu chromatusBrazilian Red and White
Poecilotheria fasciataSri Lankan Ornamental
Poecilotheria formosaSalem Ornamental
Poecilotheria mirandaBengal Ornamental
Poecilotheria regalisIndian Ornamental
Poeciliotheria vittataPederson’s Ornamental
Psalmopoeus cambridgeiTrinidad Chevron
Psalmopoeus ecclesiasticusEcuadorian Feather Leg
Pterinochilus chordatusKilimanjaro Mustard Baboon
Psalmopoeus irminiaVenezuelan Suntiger
Pterinochilus chordatusKilimanjaro Mustard Baboon
Pterinochilus murinus ‘Red Colour Faze’Orange Baboon Tarantula
Pterinopelma sazimaiBrazilian Blue
Stropatopelma calceatumFeatherleg Baboon
Tliltocatl albopilosusCurly Hair
Tliltocatl kahlenbergiNew Mexican Tarantula
Tliltocatl vagansMexican Red Rump
Tliltocatl verdeziMexican Grey


Heterometrus spAsian Forest Scorpion
Heterometrus spAsian Forest Scorpion
Hadrurus arizonensisDesert Hairy Scorpion

Praying Mantids

Deroplatys desiccataDead Leaf Mantis
Hymenopus coronatusOrchid Mantis
Polyspilotta spTanzanian Mantis
Pseudoempusa pinnapavonisPeacock Mantis
Sphodromantis spGiant African Mantis


Archispirostreptus gigasAfrican Giant Millipede
Ophistreptus guineensisChocolate Millipede
Spirostreptus spOlive Millipede
Telodeinopus aoutiiGhana Speckled Millipede
Telodeinopus assiniensisSatin Millipede


Achatina fulicaGiant African Land Snails


Gromphadorhina portentosaMadagascan Hissing Cockroach

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