Comprehensive reptile care guides and caresheets

These care guides have all been written by or for Reptile Cymru exclusively. These offer the best of our knowledge and information about how to care for the species, including housing, feeding, social needs, heating, lighting, decor, substrate, breeding and loads more. All of these caresheets are copyright Reptile Cymru and cannot be reproduced or redistributed without permission.

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Snake Care Guides

African House Snakes
Lamprophis fulinginosus
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Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria
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California King Snake
Lampropeltis getula californiae
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Common Boa Constrictor
Boa constrictor constrictor
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Columbian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates maurus
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Corn Snake
Pantherophis guttatus
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Desert King Snake
Lampropeltis getula spendida
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Kenyan Sand Boa
Gongylophis colubrinus
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Royal / Ball Python
Python regius
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Western Hognose Snake
Heterodon nasicus
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Lizard Care Guides

Bearded Dragon
Pogona vitticeps
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Blue Tongue Skink
Tiliqua gigas sp.
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Bosc Monitor
Varanus exanthematicus
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Crested Gecko
Correlophus ciliatus
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Leopard Gecko
Eublepharis macularius
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Mourning Gecko
Lepidodactylus lugubris
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Panther Chameleon

Tokay Gecko

Yemen Chameleon

Other Care Guides

African Pygmy Hedgehog
Atelerix sp.
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Steppe Lemming
Lagurus lagurus
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Mediterranean Tortoises
Testudo sp.
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Amphibian Care Guides

Green Tree Frog
(Hyla cinerea)
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Golden Tree Frog

Horned Frog
Ceratophyrus sp
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Red Eyed Tree Frog

White’s Tree Frog