Comprehensive reptile care guides and caresheets

These care guides have all been written by or for Reptile Cymru exclusively. These offer the best of our knowledge and information about how to care for the species, including housing, feeding, social needs, heating, lighting, decor, substrate, breeding and loads more. All of these caresheets are copyright Reptile Cymru and cannot be reproduced or redistributed without permission.

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Lizard Care Guides

African Fat Tail Gecko
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
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Bearded Dragon
Pogona vitticeps
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Blue Swift
Sceloporus cyanogenys
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Blue Tongue Skink
Tiliqua gigas sp.
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Bosc Monitor
Varanus exanthematicus
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Chinese Cave Gecko
Goniurosaurus hainanensis
Read Caresheet (Coming Soon)

Chinese Water Dragon
Physignathus cocincinus
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Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus collaris
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Crested Gecko
Correlophus ciliatus
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Day Geckos
Phelsuma sp.
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Dwarf Ridge Tailed Monitor (Ackie Monitor)
Varanus acanthurus
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Frilled Dragon
Chlamydosaurus kingii
Read Caresheet (Coming Soon)

Gargoyle Gecko
Rhacadactylus auriculatus
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Leopard Gecko
Eublepharis macularius
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Long Tailed Lizard
Takydromas sexlineatus
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Mourning Gecko
Lepidodactylus lugubris
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Pacific Blue Tailed Skink
Emoia caeruleocauda
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Panther Chameleon
Furficer pardalis
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Tokay Gecko

Yemen Chameleon
Chamaeleo calyptratus
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