24x18x18" Vivarium

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Please note unless you are within Cardiff or have discussed delivery via special courier with us vivariums are collection only. We can provide you a quote for delivery of vivariums and livestock. Please email us or call us any day, 7 days a week on 02920 190291 for more information.

Our wooden vivariums are high quality professional made reptile enclosures, designed and manufactured in the UK by ND Aquatics. No self assembly is required, all vivariums are supplied fully constructed from 18mm melamine faced chipboard. The vivariums come with full solid backs and pre-sealed bases and sides. If you do not see a size that interests you here, we can order in custom vivarium sizes to any specification, including multi-level, diagonal, corner vivariums, glass trays, customised vents and a wide range of colours. The colour we keep in stock is beech but we receive regular deliveries and have over 10 colours available to order. Please see colour chart!

24 x 18 x 18″ Vivarium – £60 **This is what you are buying**

24 x 18 x 18″ Nocturnal Setup – £100 **Click here to buy the Nocturnal Setup**
24 x 18 x 18" Nocturnal Setup for wet substrate or heavy bodied snakes - £120

Suitable For:

  • Leopard Geckos
  • Nocturnal Lizards
  • Juvenile Snakes
  • Small Adult species of Snakes (under 3-4ft)
  • Tarantulas & other invertebrates
  • Many species of amphibian


  • 24 x 18 x 18″ Vivarium
  • 11x11" Heat Mat (replace this with an additional light fitting and 60w ceramic heater, for £20. This makes the setup more suitable for heavy bodied snakes or any reptiles with a wet substrate.)
  • 100w Matstat
  • Ceramic Light Fitting
  • Low wattage Bulb (Light emitting only)
  • Medium Exo Terra Hide
  • Medium Exo Terra Water Bowl
  • Exo Terra Thermometer
  • Small Substrate OR Calcium powder OR Small Exo Terra Plant

24 x 18 x 18″ Nocturnal Setup with Daytime Heat Bulb – £115 **Click here to buy the Nocturnal Setup with Daytime Heat Bulb**


  • All of the above +
  • Heat Reflector Basking Bulb
  • Ceramic Coated Light Guard

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