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Common Name: African Fat-Tailed Gecko

Latin Name: Hemitheconyx caudicinctus

Age: CB Adult

Sex: Unsexed

Price: £50


Feeding: Our leopard geckos will eat a variety of livefood.

Caresheet: Printed Caresheet Available In Store, Starter Guide Available Online

Recommended Setup: For young geckos we can sell the Leopard Gecko Starter Kit, however this will be outgrown fairly quickly. You will then want a 24x18x18" Nocturnal Setup for a single gecko.

Details: Call the shop during opening hours or come in person.

 Geckos are an excellent starter lizard and suitable for all experience levels.

If you are interested in buying this animal then please contact us direct. We do not have an automated checkout system enabled for our livestock because we like to make sure that we speak to you before taking payment, just to ensure that you're happy with the details and so we can discuss your setup and any care that you need. You can contact us to purchase livestock in four ways, via phone on 02920 190291, in store at 391 Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff, CF51JG, via facebook message, or via email at support@reptilecymru.co.uk

All livestock is guaranteed by our livestock policy.

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