Sailfin Success!

Sailfin Success!
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Reptile Cymru is pleased to announce their first success with breeding & hatching out Hydrosaurus amboinensis, possibly the first time this subspecies has been bred in the UK!

Over five years ago we purchased our baby Hydrosaurus amboinensis, Giant Indonesian Sailfin Dragons. If you've visited our shop since then you'll have seen them grow from just a few inches long, to the three feet adults they are today along with their recent upgrade to an 8 x 4 x 5ft enclosure, equipped with full size garden pond for swimming! In this new enclosure they have thrived and laid their first fertile eggs. We're pleased to announce that after almost 100 days in the incubator, two of these eggs have hatched out. It has been a long journey but they're finally here!

There are almost no captive bred Sailfin Dragons in the EU, and we believe this may be the first - or one of the first - breedings not only in the UK, but in the EU, of this particular subspecies.

These tiny babies will be ready for new homes in 8 - 12 weeks and will then start journeys of their own, hopefully one day helping to increase the number of captive bred sailfin dragons in the EU. We are hoping to find homes for them in a zoo or public display, but would consider a home with a private keeper who is fully aware of the space requirements for them as an adult.



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