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Following a large amount of research done over the last few decades into tortoise care by the Tortoise Trust, we will only sell Mediterranean Tortoises (Horsefield's, Hermans, Spur Thighed and similar) with a Tortoise Table. Sometimes an open topped tortoise table can be trouble if you have cats or small children and in those cases you may wish to purchase our plastic setup, which is a rigid sturdy plastic cage designed for indoor animal use.

This starter setup is designed for a juvenile tortoise - from the age that we sell them (1 year) up to a maximum of five years. Where possible we recommend outdoor access for these species; but they can be cared for all year around indoors with the right size table and exercise. We can custom order any size table to fit the space you have when you need an upgrade.

This setup includes:

  • 36x24" Wooden Tortoise Table or Plastic Cage (colour options in stock may vary).
  • 2 x Light Fittings
  • 75w Infra Red Bulb
  • 10% Arcadia UVB Compact Bulb
  • 2 Bags of Substrate
  • Large Exo Terra Feeding Dish
  • Analogue Thermometer
  • Large Flexistix
  • Nutrobal.

If you prefer a UVB tube instead of a compact UVB you can pay an additional £10 to switch a light fitting and compact for a control unit & UVB tube.

There is a discount of £25 available when you buy a tortoise & setup together!

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