Selling & Rehoming

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If you are interested in selling your reptiles, or need advice on rehoming then we may be able to help you.


Whether you are a pet owner who can no longer look after their animal, a hobbyist breeder selling a few surplus offspring or a professional breeder looking for new contacts, we may be able to help you.

We will always consider offers of healthy, captive bred animals. However, for private sellers we would caution you that the prices we pay are likely to be significantly lower than the price you purchased the animal for as we have to factor in our own abilities to house, heat and feed the animal potentially for several months or longer, as well as our standard price markup. We can only buy the species that sell regularly and of course those that we have plenty of space to house.

The majority of our animals come from UK breeders with great reputations and it's very important to us that the animals we buy in are as healthy as possible.


We will not buy most large species - especially things like boa constrictors (adults), burmese pythons, iguana's and large monitors. We may however rehome some of these things if you really cannot find a good home elsewhere as long as we have the space and ability to do so. We may be able to recommend other local rescues who can help you out even if we can't. We can rehome most animals that come with setups; as this takes a great deal of the housing pressure away from us. We regret that we can only rehome turtles if they come with adequate setups due to the fact that we do not stock aquatic species ourselves in store so would otherwise have no way of caring for them.

We frequently work with organizations such as the local council, the South Wales police, the RPSCA and other rescues to try and help exotic pets that have been lost, abandoned or mistreated - but we have very limited space and resources to work with.

We do have animals available for rehoming sometimes, but they are often species that are difficult to care for, or animals with permanent problems or troubled histories. If you feel like you could dedicate the time and space to caring for a reptile that has been mistreated or needs a special home then feel free to let us know what species you have experience and setups for and we will contact you when we need your help. Alternatively we often post up rehomes/rescues on our facebook page.