Nail Clipping & Sexing

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We offer free nail clipping and sexing of most species of lizard in store.

Nail Clipping

We offer free nail clipping of most species of lizard in store.

Please call ahead to check if Ben is available on 02920 190291. Don't travel with a reptile unless you've double checked as you wouldn't want to stress them out for nothing.

The species that we commonly do this for include

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Monitor Lizards
  • Iguanas

It is a good idea to offer some slate, stones, branches or similar to help your lizard naturally wear down the nails whilst moving around in their tank - as they would wear them down in the wild. However in some situations the nails grow faster and this can cause inadvertant scratches whilst handling, or the nails snagging on things which can have a risk of tearing.The nails can simply be clipped in a similar way to clipping a cat or a dog. We can also show you how to do this at home with a simple pair of nail clippers to avoid the stress of bringing your animal in.


We do not guarantee the sex of any animal, but do have experienced staff who can help you with their expert opinion.

We can offer our opinion on the sex most adult species of snake, lizard and tortoise in store. Juveniles will depend on the species and age.

Invertebrates can often be sexed if the most recent moult is provided and still in good condition.

As with Nail clipping please call ahead on 02920 190291 to make sure that there is a staff member with experience of that species available, to avoid stressing your reptile out on a trip where we cannot help you.

There is no charge for our nail clipping or reptile sexing services.