Our Staff

Our Staff
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Meet the staff who'll be helping you out in store, on the phone or via email.

Christy & Ben Bruckner

The owners of Reptile Cymru, Christy & Ben produce hundreds of captive bred hatchlings every year, meaning you can purchase animals that have been with us from day one. Christy specialises in corn snakes, and has been breeding for over 15 years. Her collection of over 50 adults contains some of the higher end morphs available in the UK and she was well known as a private breeder for over a decade under the name CWCorns. She was an administrator on www.reptileforums.co.uk for six years between 2007 and 2013 and has written a wide range of caresheets, guides & articles on reptiles and exotic mammals.

Ben is passionate about keeping and breeding boa constrictors and tarantulas, but is knowledgeable on a massive range of species. He has a Masters degree in Engineering and can help on all aspects of DIY, enclosure constructions, electrical wiring and equipment.

Bearded dragons are also a passion and the majority of the dragons sold by Reptile Cymru are bred right here. Ben & Christy also breed African pygmy hedgehogs, leopard gecko morphs, royal python morphs, king snakes, rat snakes (both Asian and North American species), yemen chameleons, panther chameleons, crested geckos, many species of tarantula and we hope to breed our stunning display pair of sailfin dragons in the near future.

Christy manages the website & facebook page, although you can also contact Ben or Phil through here.

Patricia Whatley

Pat has many decades of DIY experience and is always happy to chat to people about it. If you need any help or information about building your own vivaria, give Pat a shout! Pat has experience with a wide range of reptiles, exotics and mammals and currently keeps and breeds chameleons.

Phil Miller

Phil is an experienced reptile keeper who has worked at Reptile Cymru since 2008. He keeps & breeds a wide variety of reptiles and can help you out with any questions you may have or just have a chat about your animals.

Work Experience

You will also regularly meet our work experience placements in store. These are usually (but not always) teenagers or young adults who are working through various placement schemes - with high schools, college and universities and through the job centre or ACT. We get many young enthusiastic animal lovers getting vital work experience through their placements, including the future reptile specialist veterinarians! In general our work experience placements help with cleaning and feeding and will not be the people helping you with advice as they're still training and learning.

We are not currently hiring any staff, but can take on some work experience placements when we have space in the store.